Special Offer Domains

Site Flip U provide you with domains that you can go and register right now for the normal registration fee, that already have some of the most powerful possible links already pointing to them.

These are LEGITIMATE links from the biggest household name websites in the world such as: The BBC, NBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Government websites (.gov, .gov.uk, etc), major University websites (.edu, .ac.uk, etc), newspaper websites, Wikipedia, DMOZ, the NHS, and literally HUNDREDS of other highly trusted, highly respected websites from around the world.

Some of these links have been in place since 1997 ! Some of the pages giving the links have a PR6 or higher! They are solid gold links and are dynamite for SEO purposes!
The reason these links are so powerful is that you cannot buy links or otherwise obtain links from these websites, which makes them highly trusted and respected in the eyes of Google and other search engines.
They are not comment spam, or blog comments, or forum profile links – they are real links from real stories on real pages on real websites – they just also happen to be the biggest, most respected, and most trusted websites on the planet! And on top of that in many cases the page proving the link to the expired domain has only ONE Out Bound Link (OBL) – and that’s the one to your expired domain, giving you ALL of the Google juice from that page!

To take advantage of these super high power links you could register the domain and then:

  1. Create blogs on them to create your own private blog network (and link from these to your money sites)
  2. Redirect the domain to your money site so the links flow straight to your main website


SKU Price Domain TF CF DA PA PR Ref D Category Age Note
COD0021 20$ ***************.org 18 19 9 23 n/a 6 Music 15y Edu backlink
COD0009 20$ ********.co.uk 20 21 15 28 3 15 Country 10y Country EMD, HighPR backlinks from theguardian.com
COD0010 10$ ******************.it 20 29 19 33 n/a 14 Sport 15y famous Italian athlete (women)
COD0011 3$ ***********.it 5 5 20 27 n/a 11 News, Tourism 9y news about italian place
COD0012 15$ *****************.org 9 19 13 20 n/a 8 educational 6y In content backlink from Harvard PR3 webpage